Fast and easy way to boost your sales with current traffic


Boost sales based on your current traffic.

We provide online, personalized product recommendations for your visitors and clients. It makes them easier to find, choose and buy.
We have created AI powered algorithm for optimizing your sales.
  • Automatic
  • Active from first pageview
  • Always learning
  • What it does is just helping you communicate with segment of one, one single visitor for whom the shop looks more friendly place.

    Boost now!

    Plug in and start making more

    The swift integration for a good start. Then let our AI powered algorithm auto-tune and boost your sales. Without your worries or headache of choosing from multiple options. The algorithm performs continues ab test, thus the setup is always the best possible. What you can provide during integration are hints for the algorith, that describe context eg. basket, main page. O course we are always open for suggestions.

    Partners & Consulting

    We are open for cooperation with consulting companies that are looking for better tools to support e-commerce shops. Preferably with our partners. The product can be tuned to meet niche requirements.


    The ShopNavigator is a product brought to You by the DataDuck company.

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